Self love is the best kind because without it,
 love does not truly exist.


In a world that is constantly asking for more from you, Dissolve is a reminder that self care comes first.

Whether it be half an hour soaking in a hot bath, or sneaking a trip to grab yourself an ice cream cone during errands, taking the time to give back to yourself is key. 

All of our bombs are hand crafted in Las Vegas, Nevada and infused with a select healing crystal.

Each crystal has its own healing properties that contribute to the environment around it.

When you use a geode bomb not only are you reaping all the benefits of the high-quality ingredients unraveling in your bath, but your also able to soak up the positive and negative ions found in your crystal. 

These can attribute to mood changes, clearing out bad energy, and an overall positive feeling of self.  



Hello lovlies, my name is Mackenzie and I am the creator of Dissolve.

I started making bath products when I realized how sensitive my skin had become. I never knew when my skin was going to react badly to a product. Trying to read all the ingredients, and not knowing what any of them were for was exhausting. So I took to the books and spent over a year crafting an awesome recipe for all of my bombs that was safe and gentle on my skin. All of our bombs are made with whole ingredients you can pronounce, no harsh chemicals, and each is infused with the energy from its healing crystal. I truly believe in the healing powers of taking care of yourself and the energy you keep and I want all of you to experience that feeling. Just dissolve for a few moments, for you.

xoxo- Mackenzie