Have you ever wished you could experience the spa-like qualities of a bath bomb, but without having to take a bath? Are you more of a shower person? Then these bombs are made for you! Made with the same skin-loving ingredients as our bath bombs but now formulated to perform in the shower. 

The difference with shower bombs is that they pack the same punch but in a much smaller portion. All you do is hold one in your hand near the stream of water and watch as it foams up to cleanse and moisturize your skin. Gently exfoliating and made to lock in moisture- this bomb serves as your scrub, body wash, and moisturizer all in a compact form.

 These peaches are 2.3 oz each (normal shower bombs are about 1.2 oz each) and suitable for multiple uses.

Island Nectar Shower Bomb

  •  our coco complex, for silky, smooth skin

    potato starch, useful in exfoliating skin, collagen production, and improving dark spots

    kaolin clay, with it’s unique minerals and phyto-nutrients for clearing your pores and eliminating toxins from the skin

    Sodium alginate, derived from cold water seaweed; helps to soften, hydrate, and smooth skin

    SLSA, derived from coconut oil, for foamy bubbles and soft skin

    cocamidopropyl betaine, derived from coconut shells, helps break down dirt barriers on skin, and produce creamy bubbles