With an incredibly rich blend of skin-quenching oils- this 8 oz. bottle of luxury bath oil only requires a tablespoon or two to achieve the ultimate spa-like experience. Our bath oil blooms in the water and disperses throughout the tub. After using this, there's no need for lotion afterwards! (It's really that good) 

Nightfall Luxury Bath Oil

  • Nightfall luxury bath oil is a blend of:

    apricot kernel oil, known to help firm and tone skin while deeply moisturizing

    babassu oil, the holy grail for skin, and nails- this oil melts into the skin, 

    aloe vera oil, a great sun-blocking agent that helps to revitalized malnourished skin

    avocado oil, rich in fatty acids thats best for dry, sensitive, or irritated skin

    polysorbate-80, a gentle emulsifier to help disperse oils into your bath so you can better absorb them

    Bath and body safe fragrance

    body safe, eco-glitter

    FD&C approved colorants