With it’s warm notes of tonka beans, crystal amber, and sweet vanilla orchid this bomb is the ultimate #treatyourself! Made with real rose petals, a luxurious shea butter drizzle, and epsom salts to help you ease your mind and renew your body. We have to warn you though, you’ll never want to get out of your tub. The crystal with this bomb can help bring more love into your life, whether that be from yourself, or outwardly for others.

Rosé Melt

SKU: 0024
  • Our buttery rosé melt is made with:

    our coco complex, for silky, smooth skin

    coconut milk, for the ultimate skin softening experience; also good for calming irritated skin

    grapefruit extract, for brightening and toning

    epsom salts, for maximum muscle relaxation

    SLSA, derived from coconut oil, for foamy bubbles and soft skin

    cocamidopropyl betaine, derived from coconut shells, helps break down dirt barriers on skin, and produce creamy bubbles

    shea butter, known for its healing properties its also incredibly moisturizing