These 6 oz jars hold our creamiest, and most gentle bath formula yet. Made with milk powder, botanicals, and bath salts our Rose Milk contains no chemicals, fragrances, or dyes. It is safest on even the most sensitive skin and still creates silky, spa-like bath waters. 

Rose Milk Scoopable Bath powder

  • cornstarch, for silkening and softening your water

    buttermilk powder, for subtle foam and creamy bath water that protects skin

    baking soda, a mild exfoliant that is has loads of antibacterial benefits

    kayolin clay, for drawing out toxins and impurities in the skin

    botanicals, known for soothing irritation and helping to enhance your mood

    tea leaves, for centuries have been used to cure many different ailments, by bathing in the tea your largest organ, your skin, can absorb all the benefits