Choose from an array of pre-made scent options, or contact us for a custom color and scent for your scrub!! This jar packs a thirst-quenching punch of moisture for your skin. With a blend of three powerful butters mixed with our fine-grain sugar, your skin will be buffed to perfection, while becoming silky soft to the touch. 


**If you would like a custom scrubb- in the comment section at checkout: leave a note of what color/scent youd like and glitter or no glitter**

Scent Moods are: Fruity, Sensual, Beachy, Musk, Feminine, Floral, Masculine, Clean, Invigorating, Bakery

Shae Butter Buff Scrub

  • Organic white cane sugar, ultra-fine- for buffing that dry skin away

    Coconut oil- for locking in moisture and creating a barrier on skin from outside elements

    Shae butter- full of fatty acids and vitamins, this anti-inflammatory butter can soothe skin

    Babassu oil- naturally has antibacterial properties, and reduces inflammation while moisturizing skin on a deep level and leaving no greasy-feeling

    FD&C approved colorants