Our most luxurious bath bomb formula in a more compact form from our Geode Melt series. Our Siren hex bomb is scented in a blend of beachwood vetiver and incredibly intoxicating. The red jasper stone on top is the stone of empowerment. Use it to help resist outside stressors; can also aid in emotional healing. 

Siren Hex Melt

  • our coco complex, for silky, smooth skin

    buttermilk, for the ultimate skin softening experience; also good for calming irritated skin

    kaolin clay, with it’s unique minerals and phyto-nutrients for clearing your pores and eliminating toxins from the skin

    avocado oil, known as a natural sun blocking agent, it’s also incredibly moisturizing

    epsom salts, for maximum muscle relaxation

    shea butter, known for its healing properties its also incredibly moisturizing

    FD&C approved colorants

    Beachwood Vetiver

    Red Jasper

    5.5 oz