With an always familiar warm scent of chamomile tea and lavender, this bubble bar is ready to help you knock out. Made with babbassu butter- and incredibly rich humectant for skin, hair, nails, you name it! This is truly a luxurious experience.To activate bubbles, just hold under running water and let the crumble do the rest.

Sleepy-time Lavender Bubble Crumble

  • baking soda- provides antibacterial benefits-great for removing dead skin cells & clearing acne

    slsa- derived from coconut oil, for foamy bubbles and soft skin

    Glycerine- used for its clarifying skin properties, it also draws moisture to the skin, making it a great moisturizer

    babassu butter- an god-like product for hair, skin, and nails- this humectant is perfectly made for skin. Never oily or greasy

    cream of tartar- known for its powerful, natural ability to draw toxins from the skin

    "Plum" lake colorant

    lavender buds


    5 oz.