Made in a blend of real deal teal and robin egg blue- these hearts are massive and incredibly moisturizing. Drizzled in a blend of shae, mango, and sal butter- these wont disappoint when it comes to revitalizing dry skin! Scented in the most tantalizing blend of buttery, vanilla piecrust, sweet orchid, warm woods, amber, and tonka beans- you'll want to eat it up (but please dont) 

Sugar Heart Bomb

  • our coco complex, for silky, smooth skin

    kaolin clay, with it’s unique minerals and phyto-nutrients for clearing your pores and eliminating toxins from the skin

    coconut extract, for aching muscles and a slight sweetness to your overall bathing experience

    epsom salts, for maximum muscle relaxation

    SLSA, derived from coconut oil, for foamy bubbles and soft skin

    shea butter, known for its healing properties its also incredibly moisturizing

    FD&C approved colorants


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