When you put on your ugly christmas sweater, nothing can stop you. Run as little or as much of our bubble marshmallows under your bath water for large bubbles and an explosion of fluffy spun sugar and rich butterscotch scents while you enjoy the warm water.  

*please note, this product does not contain a crystal

Marshmallow Bubble Crumble

  • baking soda- provides antibacterial benefits-great for removing dead skin cells & clearing acne

    slsa- derived from coconut oil, for foamy bubbles and soft skin

    Glycerine- used for its clarifying skin properties, it also draws moisture to the skin, making it a great moisturizer

    aloe vera- highly anti-inflammatory, with vitamins A and C, it provides anti-oxidants and enzymes great for repairing skin

    cream of tartar- known for its powerful, natural ability to draw toxins from the skin

    FD&C colorants

    6 oz. 

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